Saturday, May 3

State of the Family, aka Worry Worry Worry

TB's legs started to get red and hot again and so this morning we went back to the doctor. It's possible he has community based MRSA, a possibility that scares us almost to death. The doctor didn't take any skin scrapings or anything so the pharmacist guessed he's just treating it very conservatively. He switched TB to an antibiotic usually used to treat MRSA. Two really scary things: how did this happen? and will the fact that TB has diabetes slow down or complicate his healing?

In TN, we have relatives with some very serious legal issues that are coming up very soon. What will happen to them? What will happen to our grandchildren? And how can they continue to live under toxic conditions, with the children's other grandparent being so hatefully critical and mean?

Then there's Little T ... where is he going to live? His mother won't do the right thing and give the father residential custody until she finds something stable. Why should this be a surprise? There is nothing stable about her.

Speaking of stability, how many months can you miss paying your mortgage before the company moves to foreclose?

And me...I'm trying not to be such a hypochondriac. Why do my legs hurt? Why are they red? Why are my feet swollen? Is there cysts on my right kidney? What does that mean? And what will the echocardiogram show?

These...and other questions ... may or may not be answered in upcoming days and weeks. Tune in. :P


Andrew said...

I worry, too!!! I worry my schizophrenia will come back or symptoms will increase. Take care of yourself during this stressful time. I am thinking of you!!!! Thank you for your comment today. I plugged you into Google Reader so I can read everytime you update! Will try to comment as well.

Nancy in PA said...

Thanks for keeping us posted... Hugs to all of you! We are praying...

sammawow said...

Positive thoughts and prayers are being sent over to you!

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