Thursday, May 1

Thursday Thirteen #18: The Letter C

Thirteen Things about Me That Begin With "C"

1. I am creative. I come up with lots of wonderful ideas for stories. What I need next is follow-through

2. One reason I am creative is because I am curious about people and things. What makes them tick? How does it work? What would happen if something interfered with a person's habits? How would they react? And so on.

3. I am a cat-lover. We have six cats and so I guess I don't need to say anything more about that? ;)

4. I have a lot of courage which has helped me survive a troubled childhood, the death of my first husband, illnesses, deep depression, and so on.

5. I am a casual person rather than a formal one. I don't like to dress up and I don't like big parties with fancy foods. I prefer to wear jeans and tee shirts, don't wear makeup, usually go barefoot, and will greet you that way at the door.

6. I am also kind of chaotic, which is another way of saying disorganized. I've learned to put my keys on a rack because I was forever driving myself crazy trying to find them. My desk and room are a mess and while I know generally where things are, if I am under pressure I can't find anything to save my life.

7. I am a person of strong commitment. I am committed to my marriage, to the well being and care of my children and grandchildren and my cats, etc.

8. I am considerate of other people's feelings and try to make them comfortable and to make them feel accepted and worthy

9. I am confident in myself--most of the time.

10. I am conscientious and try to keep my commitments, be on time, take care of my kids' needs, etc.

11. I am clumsy and often bump into things, drop things, cut and burn myself, etc.

12. Maybe I am often clumsy because I'm also confused. That's a result of fibromyalgia. I suffer from fibro fog many days.

13. I hae become more conventional as I've gotten older. I don't feel the need to stand out and be an individual like I did when I was younger. Now I can happily blend in.
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Gattina said...

We have a lot of things in commun ! I also like my jeans and cats, although sometimes I have to dress up but fortunately it doesn't happen very often, lol !

Astrid and the kitties Kashim, Othello and Salome said...

I like your "c"'s.
Happy first of May!

hey most of them we could say of our momma too *hehe*
Kashim & Othello


I also have lots in common. But
I don't have grandkids. I love
jeans, grew up in them, but there's
nothing like soft sweatpants in the
winter. Adore cats, would have a
barnful if I owned a barn. LOL
I luv jewelry & vintage stuff.
I hope your having a good day!

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