Thursday, March 26

Nice visits and a sad trip to LI

On Wednesday there were two very nice visits.

Heidi and I went to lunch at Anapa's Diner. It was really wonderful to get together as mother and daughter and talk about things that had nothing to do with our conflicts! Her move is a positive thing. It's brought peace to the house and now it seems we can build a healing healthier relationship between the two of us!

Linda came to see Little T and there was no awkwardness nor anger between the three of us. We made our position very clear and she didn't argue. She asked if it was all right to bring Jay's little daughter Dorothy and we both said sure--but no Jay. I have no objection to getting together with Linda and her boyfriend...but not when Tomas is visiting us. We want to make sure our little guy stays safe.

Now TB and I are preparing for a visit to Long Island. My Uncle Gil died last Sunday. His wake is later this afternoon and evening and the funeral is tomorrow. In spite of the sadness it will be good to see family again.

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Nancy in PA said...

Answered prayers are a wonderful thing :-) We will be praying for safe travel, and for God's peace and comfort for your uncle's whole family.

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