Monday, March 23

What a manic Monday!

Literally, it was a manic Monday today! I was singing the song by the Bangles in my head over and over.

My son's car broke down on Friday and was towed to the shop today. The mechanics wouldn't be done with it until 10 so TB & I gave him a ride to the bus stop so he could catch a ride out to his campus for a class. Next we had to drive an hour north to see our orthopod/pain doctor where I got a shot of cortisone in my right shoulder (bursitis :P ). We were done at noon. Originally the plan was to get back and pick up my son's car, drive it to the campus and get it to him so that he could get to his part-time job that starts at 1. No way was that going to happen. We did make it to the campus by 1:30, we did the whole Chinese fire drill stuff, and he took off.

We stopped at a Japanese place for lunch and it was delicious! What was especially encouraging is that TB, who had his DS in November and has had trouble with meat since, was able to eat two whole rolls of sushi. He loved it and was so happy he's able to add more foods to his diet every day. From there, we stopped at a couple of stores, killing time before we had to pick up Little T. That's when my cell phone rang and it was my surgeon's office. The lady, Lorraine, wanted to know where I was. I was supposed to be there at 3.

Wait a minute, no way, I said. That's not today. It's next week.

She insisted, no it's not, it's today.

We argued back and forth a few moments and then she said, well, can you come in now? You need to do a pre-op appointment and the surgeon is going to be out of the office all next week.


So we got our grandson and drove in yet another direction to the surgeon's office. Lorraine apologized to me. Apparently she'd made a mistake by not being specific about which Monday I'd been rescheduled to. Originally my appointment was for Friday the 27th but Lorraine called and asked to change it to "that Monday". Since the call took place on Friday, March 20th "that" Monday meant AFTER the Friday appointment. She meant the Monday BEFORE the appointment. Sheesh.

It doesn't matter. Everything went great during the pre-op appointment. I passed my test with flying colors--it's just a bunch of true/false questions about the DS, the surgery and recovery. Thanks to the folks here at OH I have learned SO MUCH! Then Dr. Greenbaum did a quick exam and we went over the forms. It was like buying a freaking house! I signed form after form but that's okay too.

Most important, we discussed the meds I would be taking during and after surgery, specifically the psych meds. I am so relieved that Dr. G is going to have a tube placed in my stomach so that I can have my Cymbalta, Prozac, Trileptal and Ativan. No freaking out or withdrawal for me!

As for absorption afterwards, he suggested the best thing to do would be to get a blood level to determine my doses.

He said I should be able to absorb the pills in capsules, like Prevacid, although he wants me to open them up and mix them in water or mushy foods while I'm healing.

I feel great, even if it was totally off-the-wall and looney tunes today!


katztales said...

So glad you're feeling better. And now I'm hearing the bangles in my head too! Arggh! Stuck on the refrain. Will hae to hunt it out, listen to it and then I can stop hearing it.

becomingkate said...

Wow, busy day!!

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