Wednesday, April 1

Liquid Diet, Day Three

My grumpy ghrelin is accusing me of abuse, of trying to starve myself to death and threatening dire revenge for keeping up this liquid diet. . I think this is one of the things I won't be battling after the duodenal switch because the part of my stomach which makes ghrelin will be removed. I hope so anyway.

My stomach is trying to convince me that I feel physically weak and will pass out. I say to myself the same thing I told myself when I quit smoking cold turkey: Just for today, I will not put solid food in my mouth. I also pray for strength when I feel week. It took three weeks of saying that to myself about the cigarettes and praying for strength. I only have to be on the liquid diet two weeks before the surgery.

After the surgery, it's my understanding I won't really feel like eating. I'm not worried about after surgery.

One day at a time, one day at a time!

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becomingkate said...

My goodness, that sounds very difficult. I feel for you! I hope it has gotten a little more comfortable.

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