Monday, April 6

Pre-Surgical tests are out of the way!

TB and I were up early to get Kristin off to school and then it was off to Lourdes Medical Center for my pre-op testing. We got there on time but Mondays are busy so we had to wait. Meanwhile, I was hungry. I've been on the shake/liquid diet 8 days now and had had nothing this morning so I was really hungry!

First I was called back to have my blood drawn. After that, I helped myself to apple juice I'd brought along. I also had brought a shake packet but wanted to hold off, hoping to meet other members of OH at a diner later. Then I went for an X-ray. After that, I went back to pre-op and that's when we got stalled again.

There were so many patients there today for surgery and for pre-op testing! I had to wait for my EKG. When that was over, I had to wait again to see the nurse. By then plans of meeting at the diner went out the window. We went to the caf afterwards. TB and I downed a large coffee each. I had my shake and he had a couple protein bars. Then we beat it out of there and came home to get some rest!

Tonight is the support meeting.

I am feeling better now that I've had some shakes, water and jello. We're going to leave soon but first I'll have my dinner shake and some broth.

I'm looking forward to that meeting!

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