Thursday, April 9

Little T's Spring Concert and Party!/Updates

A little update on our Tomas. On Tuesday, we went to see him perform with his classmates and 1st and 3rd graders for the school's spring concert. Oh, these little ones were wonderful, enthusiastically belting out "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"! They were so well behaved and I was so proud of my little grandson!

Yesterday was T's classroom party and TB and I gladly joined in the fun. All the kids rotated around the classroom to try different activities.

One activity was to bounce up and down a short stretch of the classroom. T has never wanted to do that before so everyone was thrilled when he decided to give it a try!

Kennan and T played catch.

T and I read a story together.

TB isn't in any of these pictures because he was behind the camera. He's lost almost 150 pounds and looks great. Here he is!

For a comparison, check out these pictures of TB taken just a couple of weeks ago! Way to go, TB!

As for me, it's day 11 of this shake diet thing and I'm hanging in. For several days, I didn't even feel that hungry. Today Bill cooked and made extra meals for himself and the hunger hit me. I've been a little irritable but otherwise just fine!


becomingkate said...

Good for you for hanging in there! I was on Jenny last year and was so hungry then!! I admire your tenacity.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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