Thursday, April 23

There's no place like home, especially when I can't sleep!

Here is me, happily at home and wearing a shift my daughter Heidi bought for me. It's a very pretty pink!

Eventually, pain meds mess up my sleep cycle but it's okay. I don't have a set schedule to keep and so I can nap during the day if I need it.

Since I got home, I've been "finding my feet" as the saying goes. The first challenge was getting in and out of bed. With that conquered, I'm ready to move on. Heh. I've been strolling the house several times a day and sometimes I walk fast, other times I linger to touch the things about me and realize how much I love my family.

We have this "wall of shame" we like to call it but it's a --what? ironic name? it's the opposite of what you're saying! On one side of the wall is pictures of my family life while Rich was still alive. On the other side are pictures of Ted, his daughters, and family while Audrey was alive. Sometimes I like to linger and look at all the faces.

When I was discharged from the hospital, I went with a prescription of cleomycin (sp?) because Dr. G thought my incision looked a little red and wanted to play it safe. Boy! How it has torn me up on the inside! A day later, I called the office and asked for a new antibiotic and it was switched to flagyl. I'm still running to the bathroom but it's less frequently and less painful.

I think the antibiotic is keeping me lactose intolerant for nw which is sort of annoying. I'm all ready to move on to creamed soups and puddings but have been hesitant to go near them again after a couple of "aw shit" incidents where I did have some soup or pudding and then had cramps and the runs all the rest of the day and night.

Lomotil helps.

Except for that little annoyance I feel good.

I was thrilled to meet more of my OH (obesity help) sisters. They are called fluffybunnyslippers and ladysweetthang. I have their real names but don't want to use them without permission. Anyway, FBS came to visit me in the hospital and her visit meant soooooo much. And Lady went in for her switch a week to the day after me and so we've been texting back and forth. And I don't forget Chris, who was my sweet angel then and is still now.

I'm so looking forward to the next support group meeting at the hospital. I'd like to go back to the new surgery wing where I was transferred the last 24 hours or so I was in the hospital and meet the wonderful staff again and visit with the patients. I find I'm enjoying talking more to people "outside" now, not just on the internet.

And at the support meeting, I'd sing the praises of an overnight nurse named Danuta. Danuta treated me with kindness, dignity and the love of a mother for her child. She encouraged me to get up and walk, seemed to anticipate my every need (including the need to freshen up with a sponge bath and a nice dry shampoo head massage) and is just generally everything a nurse is hoped to be. You rock, Danuta!

Tomorrow I see Dr. G for my first follow-up. I've been remembering all my vitamins and have been following along with the clear/full liquid diet. BT has been very cooperative now that she's being fed regularly! I hope Dr. G will say I can try mushies. Yum. Still, it's all good.

I haven't weighed myself yet but will at Dr. G's office. The most important news: since coming home from the hospital, I haven't needed blood pressure or diabetes medications! Wooooohooooo! Will keep you all posted, my online friends!


PinkynAsh said...

it sounds like you are doing well, and that is so good. Coming off of medicines is a blessing.

Nancy in PA said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful news!!! :-) You made my day, and it's only 8 AM LOL! Hope the antibiotic ends soon and things can settle down even better! I am so excited for you, the good you have already seen and what's to come... You are in my thoughts often throughout the day, and in my prayers too, as always.

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