Wednesday, April 22

Wordless Wednesday: Enter Stage Right (I Think)

Wordless Wednesday


Irishcoda said...

Here he is, my little angel! This is a picture of Tomas entering and then getting on stage with all the preschoolers for the school's spring concert. The preschoolers' number was "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog", beautiful song and choreographed by a very talented and patient music teacher. I could tell my T was up there having a blast!

Anya said...

A very nice shot :))
bdw cool blogsite you have :))
I like also cats =^.^=
Happy WW !!

Alasandra said...

Glad T had fun.

PinkynAsh said...

He looks so sweet, all ready to sing and put on a show.

barb said...

I'll bet he did have fun! I have an autistic nephew, but I don't recall him being in anything like this.

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