Tuesday, June 30

Cats on Tuesday: Amber

We haven't had pictures of Amber in a while. Here she is! Poor thing had a case of alopecia (sp?) last winter. The hair fell off her tummy, tail and back legs.

The vet said treating it would be expensive and possibly could cause side effects. He also said her hair might grow back on its own and even if it didn't, she'd be a healthy cat so we decided to see what happened. Her hair did grow back! She's almost back to her beautiful self except for her tummy!

Nope, she's not sleeping, just closing her eyes because there I am with that darn flashy thing again. :P

Gotcha, Amber! Isn't she beautiful?

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Gattina said...

Lisa had exactly the same last year. The vet gave her an antibiotic shot and the hair grew back after a while. Strange.

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

We are thinkin' dat youz will get youz hair back. Even if youz don't we fink that you are so very, very purr-ty just da way you are!

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