Friday, July 3

Feline Friday: Where's Mouse?

Mouse's cuddle buddy du jour is the stuffed bear Heidi got me for Mother's Day.

Can you see him?

Ahh...there he is!

We're having a new addition to our feline family arrive sometime soon. She's a sweet little Russian blue named Munchkin. She's about a year old. Her back story is that she was adopted by a family as a kitten. They were evicted and she had to be returned. She was adopted by another family who was also evicted! What bad luck! She had to be returned again. This time she went to a shelter that puts animals down. Monica from an animal rescue organization saw her, took her and she's been in a foster home since.

We saw her picture and felt bad. We thought she'd be happy here and the rescue center agreed. Monica is bringing her to us from northern New Jersey and should be here soon. Pictures later--we want to make sure Munchie is settled and comfy before we start to ambush her with the flashy thing!

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Anonymous said...

Mouse looks happy with the toy - we know how hard it is to take pictures of black cats! Looking forward to meeting your new fmaily memeber - bless you for opening your home to the poor baby!

Gattina said...

Another unhappy kitty has its chance, that's so nice of you to take her ! we are back from holidays and all cats are laying around because for once it is very hot (90°) !

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