Tuesday, October 27

Tuesday Memes

Now I'm sneezing and have a stuffy nose. It doesn't help that I ran into Kristin's friend's mother while I was at Wawa. She looked pale and washed out but she's looked that way before. I knew she has really bad chronic pain issues and now I hear she's got lupus, MS, and an assortment of other bad stuff. Anyway, it was crowded in Wawa at this particular time and I didn't even realize she was there until she called to me.

I looked over, said hello and asked how she was doing. She said, "I'm not supposed to be here." I was surprised and asked why. She started mouthing something to me and I couldn't understand her so I asked her to repeat it. I still couldn't understand her so I moved closer to her so she could whisper to me. "I have swine flu."

I leapt backward like six feet. Why on earth would she go to Wawa with swine flu? She said, "I'll go this way" and slunk around all the people who were there (and hadn't heard her) to slither out the door and away. Wawa has great coffee...but it's not *that* great!

What's up with some of these people?

10 Favorite Movie Moments

1. When Rick tells Ilsa to go with her husband (Casablanca) or she'll regret her decision for the rest of her life.

2. When Harvey (Harvey) returns to Elwood P. Dowd and says something (we can't hear it). Then Elwood says, "Why, thank you, Harvey, I prefer you too."

3. When Doris and Fred find Kris' cane in "Susan's" house (Miracle on 34th Street) and realize he IS Santa Claus

4. When Grandma talks about preferring the roller coaster to the merry-go-round (Parenthood)

5. When we realize that Norman Bates (Psycho) is the one impersonating his murderous mother

6. When Dr. Crowe realizes that's he's one of the 'dead people' Cole sees (The Sixth Sense)

7. The sinking sequence of the Titanic

8. When Forrest finds out he's Young Forrest's father (Forrest Gump)

9. The death scene between Tony and Maria (West Side Story)

10. The von Trapp family escapes into Austria (The Sound of Music)

What is the creepiest music video you've ever watched?

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson

Topical Tuesday

... this week’s topic is: Is it Christmas already!? Now, before you jump me and try to kill me with mince pies, let me clarify. I have been seeing Christmas decorations and adverts creep up around me through October. What do you have to say about Christmas becoming so commersialised that it’s “on sale” 2 months in advance? Or is this something you like? More time to do your Xmas shopping and cross things off your list?

I hate the commercialization of Christmas. It seems to be getting worse and worse every year! For me, the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving. At that point, I have no objection to seeing the decorations and hearing the music. Before that, all that overkill bombards my senses and totally turns me off.

Many people totally miss the point of Christmas. I was saying to my DH and daughter that I'm looking forward to the season this year. My daughter replied gloomily that she's not because she has no money for gifts. We don't have money to get lavish gifts. But that isn't the point of Christmas--that's not the reason we celebrate. People seem to have forgotten. Christmas is about Christ's birthday--not Santa and gifts.

The funny thing is--this kind of behavior must have gotten started at least by the late 1940s. The reason I say that is because of one of my most favorite Christmas movies: Miracle on 34th Street. There's a young man in the movie named Alfred and he's a Santa wanna-be. He's talking about Christmas commercialism with Kris Kringle. He says something like: Commercialism, commercialism. Everything's make a buck, make a buck. And this was back in 1947 (or whenever it was the movie came out)!

I don't like the use of "Xmas". What's that about? I remember when "Xmas" started to be used as an abbreviation. It was supposed to be acceptable because the X represents a cross. Huh? I'm sorry, it's NOT Xmas, it's Christmas!

When we have our birthdays, we don't start celebrating two months before. It's the same for Christmas!


Judi said...

Great list of movies!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh! I love some of these same scenes.
Harvey is a fantastic film - I am partial to Jimmy Stewart.

I love the relationship between Santa and Susan in this movie. So precious.

Parenthood is awesome!

Eek when he is in the basement, or speaking in her voice in the jailcell? Either way - scarrrryyyy!

I love the 6th Sense.

I like the puppet scene in SoM - and Eidelweiss makes me cry.

~Andie's adventures in Listland~ said...

Hi, 'Harvey' is one of my all time favourite movies!! I love that part too. Isn't Elwood just the greatest?!

Great list!

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