Tuesday, October 27

Cats on Tuesday: Little (?) Beggars

CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week, hosted by Gattina.

I was walking down the hall from my room to the living room. I happened to look down the hall toward my mom's room and this is what I saw:

You see that door knob to Cubby's left? That's the door to my mom's place. I say, "Whatcha doin, boyz?"

"Oh, hai, mommy, nuttin, we're just sittin here, don't we look like angels?"

Cubby (looking toward the bathroom): "What's dat?"
Kosmo: "You knows what it is, play dumb, fool!"

Cubby: "I hears da door openin, it's Gramma Bean! She wuz in da baffroom! She's got treats wit her!"
Kosmo: "Will you HUSH, dummy?"

Cubby: "Gramma Bean's openin da door! She's got treats in hers pocket!"
Kosmo: "Mommy, I doan know nuthin 'bout dis..."

At that point, Gramma Bean came out of the bathroom, looked around at me and the two boys took off. I was laughing my head off. I explained what was going on and, sure enough, Gramma Bean's pockets were full of cat treats! The boys came back as soon as I left with my camera. :)

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The Chair Speaks said...

The cats are so cute, seemingly sitting still with eyes glowing and waiting. Kosmo looks chubby here and Cubby not so.

Gattina said...

Angels with lazer eyes, lol ! I know that innocent look. Yes Rosie is terrible with mice ! It's OK when they are dead, but once we had a mouse as guest in the living room for 3 days until it moved out !

Pam said...

Cats are the smartest animals I know! My neighbor's cat has been in my garage for hours begging for canned cat food. He's unsatisfied with the dry food I gave him.

Marie said...

LOL -- oh my, that was so cute! The kitties are just adorable and I can just hear them talking to each other -- thank you for a much needed smile! :-)

Julie said...

Lol that is too cute! Happy COT.

Cindy said...

They look so innocent! How sweet, great pictures.

Ginger said...

Cute babies. I just love it when cats talk. Thanks for visiting my blog about my cats.

Boo-Bah said...

Oh this was such a cute post! They do look like two little angels, full of mischief I bet.



No innocence here, they know exactly
what they want, they can smell those
yummy treats.

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

Thats cute. Love the lazer eyes.
Sorry, I´m late with comments for COT! I got visit yesterday and it was late!

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