Saturday, November 28

Fun At Ft. Medford

TB and I haven't seen much of Little T recently. Over the last few weeks, someone's been sick with something or other and so we've missed him very much. He was off from school this week and we had a lot of doctor appointments--but we did have "Black Friday" totally free! There was no way we were going anywhere near a store yesterday and would much prefer to spend more time with our grandson! We wanted to go someplace we hadn't been before and it had to be free.

Close to our home, there used to be a really cool playground called Imagination Kingdom. It was the best I'd ever seen--a child's delight all right with buildings to climb up and into, bridges to cross, and what have you. All of that had to be torn down, though, because someone discovered arsenic in the pressure treated wood. It had even leaked into the ground. How awful and sad for all the kids who used to go there--including our T. We loved taking him there and there's been nothing like it since...until TB discovered Ft. Medford.

Here's what that playground looks like--isn't it cool?

And here is a slideshow of all the fun we had. I have to say I was sore last evening and so was TB but we had SO much fun climbing around and playing with Little T. The coolest part of all was that we were able to fit everywhere! We were able to do just about everything, although some of the activities I was really leery about trying (like the spider web rope climb from the ground to one of the high platforms). I did a lot of goofy things but that was definitely not going to be a chance I'd take!

In spite of being sore, it really was so much fun to be able to get around and play with Tomas. I know he loved having us up there with him, going down the slides, crossing the bridges and so on. When we used to go to Imagination Kingdom, I always had to have Kristin or Heidi along because I couldn't get up on the equipment with him. What fun we had yesterday! It was very therapeutic in more ways than one!

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Nancy in PA said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day! :-)

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