Sunday, November 22

GiST #10

1. I was feeling stressed and anxious but I think I've figured out why. It has to do with trust issues. I thought I felt safe in a new forum but then something happened and it may not be as safe as I thought. On the up side, though, as I was processing all this I thought: I can make it as safe a place as can be for me. I don't have to depend on others to create safety for me. You can't depend on the internet to be a "safe" place, there's going to be conflict, trolls, and bullies anywhere you go. So why get all upset and feeling like I've been betrayed again? That's just letting myself take the victim role again. Instead, I will say to myself: well, this is how it is and I will create my own safety net.

2. I am down another two pounds!

3. I've been ripping Christmas music from my CDs to my computer. Even though my radio reception stunk today, I still enjoyed my holiday music by listening this way!

4. My mother-in-law came over for a while this afternoon and we enjoyed a very pleasant visit

5. The Amazing Race is on tonight! :)

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