Thursday, November 26

Thursday Thirteen #40: Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For Today

I wanted to get my post up this morning before I start running! :) This is a continuation of my last 2 Thursday Thirteens, things I'm grateful for:

1. Today, I'm grateful that my son is roasting the turkey! He does such a great job!

2. Today, I'm grateful we'll all be together at dinner for the first time in several years! There's a hidden blessing to Bill being fired this week and Heidi's store is closing here so she doesn't have to go in at all!

3. Today, I'm grateful for a special day set aside for us to reflect, count our blessings and give thanks to God

4. Today, I'm grateful for my wonderful, beloved husband and best friend

5. Today, I'm grateful for a loving and considerate brother

6. Today, I'm grateful for my kids,grandkids nieces, nephews and all other family members, all lovely, terrific people in their own individual ways

7. Today, I'm grateful for the fact that we are warm, clothed and fed. I don't like it that we have no extra money to go shopping or participate in Black Friday but at least our basic needs are met!

8. Today, I'm grateful for our church and pastor

9. Today, I'm grateful for all the love, support and help I get from my friends

10. Today, I'm grateful for the anticipation of the yummy pie TB made for dessert

11. Today, I'm grateful for the cats who swarm me every morning wanting breakfast or at various times of the day wanting a treat

12. Today, I'm grateful that Survivor is on tonight instead of a rerun or a recap

13. Today, I'm grateful to be alive and in much better health!

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Unknown said...

You have plenty of great things to be thankful for.

Heather said...

I'm not participating in Black Friday this year either. There are a lot of things on sale I'd like, but nothing I really need.

You asked about the Christmas Reading Challenge mentioned on my blog. You can find all the details HERE. The challenge starts today, but you can still join!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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