Wednesday, November 25

Six Month Visit With My Surgeon

My TB and I went to see Dr. G today. It's been a year since TB had his DS and a little over 6 mos since I had mine! TB has lost 70% of his excess weight and Dr. G thinks he's doing great. His beta carotene was a little low and his iron was a little saggy.

I had mostly good news too. I've lost 60% of my excess weight! My labs looked great to Dr. G as well. He said I should keep doing what I'm doing but I was thinking I would boost up some of my vits that were a little on the low side. The only issue with my weight loss is that Dr. G wants me to slow down. He prescribed an enzyme. Oh dear.

The other issue was a little more troubling but he said I was not to lose sleep over this. He is proactive rather than reactive, he explained. When he sees a number that isn't right and he doesn't understand why, he wants to investigate it.

My liver functions were high. He asked if that's happened to me before and I said yes. Before surgery? he asked and I said yes. When it happened, the doctor would just send me for a repeat CMP and the results must have been okay the second time around because the doctor never said to do anything. I wondered if it might be the vicodin I take. He asked, do you know that for sure? And I said no.

Here's the thing. Apparently it's routine to have a liver biopsy during the surgery. My results came back negative for cirrhosis or citosis but showing something going on. I can't remember what he called it. It's something he sees in obese patients more and more. So usually having the DS helps it--the RNY aggravates the condition (not sure why, this is just what he said). Anyway, since my numbers were still coming back high, he wants me to see a hematologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital--hopefully they have a satellite in New Jersey.

I will not worry about this. I will not. I'll make the appointment and not think about it until I see that specialist and find out what's going on!

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