Tuesday, November 24

To the con man that cost my son his job...

Dear Thief & Con Man:

You are nothing but evil.

It's bad enough to sin by stealing but you knowingly came into the store and callously stole not only from Walmart but also from my son. Maybe you knew when he accepted your fraudulent check that he'd probably get fired but you didn't care.

My son is a very bright kid and very knowledgeable, very helpful. I'm sure you listened patiently as he talked about the different notebooks Walmart had for sale and the virtue of one over the other. You probably saw that my son was an easy mark because for all his intelligence, he is still naive. He swallowed your story about wanting to start your own business.

He took your check. He ran it through the computer and it seemed to be fine. I don't know if store computers are sophisticated enough to recognize fraudulent checks. When my son made his fatal error and didn't call over the department manager to approve the purchase, I'm sure you rubbed your hands in glee. You'd gotten over on a mark and now you were going to walk with a couple thousand dollars in merchandise.

The next day, you went to a different Walmart and tried to return the computers but you were found out. Unfortunately, you slithered away before you could be detained. Hey, what the heck, right? You'll make your money back on ebay, won't you?

My son is a full time student in college, working full time to help us out because we are disabled and strapped. Now he has no job. Of course, corporate Walmart could give him a job back but he wouldn't be in that department. He'd start over again as a cashier. We're hoping that happens but it's not likely. It's not going to be easy for my son to find another job with this black mark against him, this error in judgement--because he believed you were on the up and up.

Merry Christmas, you son of a bitch. You may not pay for it now, but there will be a price you'll pay and it'll be worse than anything you could have imagined here on earth.

Disgusted Mother


Gattina said...

If only he would read this, but those people would probably even have fun ! It's disgusting !!

Nancy in PA said...

Oh no :-( I hope the corporate entity has a little compassion...

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