Wednesday, January 20

Suffering, voting and GRIP

So the Democrats lost Massachusetts? Well ... boo hoo. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a Republican. I used to be a Democrat but now I would classify myself as a disenchanted and angry independent. That's why I voted for Chris Christie, a Republican, over Jon Corzine, a Democrat. I am angry and fed up with incumbent politicians, whatever their affiliations.

In New Jersey, we've had Democratic governors for years. Corzine won handily a few years back and I voted for him. I have been spectacularly unimpressed since. He's been arrogant and out of touch with the people of this state. We're suffering, man, and what does he do? Nothing! In fact, he does things to hurt us further, like take away the middle class property tax rebate. When he was running last fall, he didn't take us (the voters) seriously--he didn't really bother to campaign except to sling mud at his opponent, Christie.

I was in a mind to vote for the independent candidate...until I realized that if I did that, Corzine would win. The independent and Christie would split the vote--that's how Corzine would win. There was no way I wanted that...and thankfully, I think the other unhappy Democrats and even independents realized it too. So ... Christie won.

The same thing just happened in Massachusetts. When Senator Kennedy died, his seat was vacated and so there was a special election. The Democratic candidate apparently figured there was no doubt she'd get the seat. Kennedy'd had it for nearly 50 years and Massachusetts is heavily Democratic. Well, her arrogance cost her the election because she didn't get how angry the voters were. So ... good for them!

As for health care reform, ask me if I care that it might fail! I hope it does! It's a lousy, stinky bill now and my opinion is that everyone needs to walk away from it and start over.

As for what's happening to TB, my family and me, I was on the phone with that stupid mortgage company for two hours before I finally got someone to tell me that our restructure application was denied because ... get this ... we aren't 3 months behind in our payments! The assistance to homeowners that Pres. Obama got passed helps those with FHA loans only IF they are three months behind. Further, our bank KNEW we didn't qualify for those reasons when they tried to submit us for that program! I could hardly contain myself but ...

it's a good thing I managed to hold my temper. After speaking to 10 people (no exaggeration, I ticked them off on paper) I was finally put through to a man who deals with HUD and with homeowners at risk of default. He qualified me for the program over the phone and now they just have to "verify" information before I'll find out whether or not we're accepted in the program. How long will this process take? Who thinks at least 2 months? Ding ding ding, you're right! So we have to try and hang in another two months. We are holding by our finger nails. Oh well.

Oh and I just realized I forgot about GRIP. I heard about GRIP listening with TB to a radio talk show program on 101.5 hosted by Jim Gearhart. Yup he is a conservative and I'm not usually a fan of conservative talk shows. The thing is ... a lot of what he says makes sense to me and so I've begun to listen to him more often.

GRIP = Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians

That's what we voters need to do. It doesn't matter what party they belong to. If they're in office and they don't do a good job or represesent us the way we want them to, get them out!

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