Wednesday, January 13

Wordless Wednesday: 1970

Wordless Wednesday


Irishcoda said...

On Facebook, some of us are doing a retro week, putting younger pictures of ourselves as our profile pictures so we can see what we looked like when we were younger. I'm really getting into that!

I was looking through some of my old pictures and came across this, taken in 1970. I so loved bowling! For years, I bowled on a league, starting when I was around 12, maybe younger.

This picture was taken in 1970 and I was about 15. On either side are my teammates, Jimmy to my left and my brother Pete to my right. We'd written our high games on our bowling balls. Mine was 136.

Great memory, remembering that league.

Anonymous said...

Hahah! Awesome.
I love to bowl. But... I completely suck at it. :)

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