Saturday, March 27

Caturday, GiST, and Other Stuff!

On Monday, I posted this picture of Mouse for Man Cat Monday.

Today I was looking through old pictures and found this one from 2005. Some things just don't change, whether they be bag or pillow case!

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Grace in Small Things #103

1. It's cold but still sunny.

2. We gave Kristin and another classmate a ride to school this morning. They're having play practice for a performance of Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" in May. Originally we were to give them a ride home but other friends stepped up and volunteered. I'm sure that was more fun for them as well...who wouldn't to spend more time with friends?

3. We saw people from church when we went in to pick up our Angel Food order. It reminded us that we hadn't been in too long and tomorrow would be a great day to go back!

4. Cawfee in the afternoon is a great pick-me-up and wake-me-up too!

5. A nice nap under warm blankies on a chilly day is refreshing!

Saturday Six

1. Have you ever belonged to a Christmas Club savings account? If so, did you actually use that check for Christmas shopping?

Yes, what a great idea they were! I'm sorry no one has them any more. And yes, we used the check for Christmas shopping! :)

2. For a few years in a row, you receive a nice tax refund: do you make an adjustment with your payroll deduction so they’ll take less, or do you leave it that way so that you can continue to receive the big check every spring?

Yes, indeed, that's what I used to do when I was younger. I'd use the refund to go away on vacation during the summer!

3. How likely are you to put such a check towards paying off bills rather than spending it on something for yourself?

Yep, guilty as charged!

4. Roughly what percentage of the time do you make at least double the minimum payment due to a credit card company?

When times were good, we payed over the minimum. I don't think it was ever quite double. It was more like 25-30% over every month.

5. Take the quiz: What’s Your Money Personality?

Your Money Personality is Healthy

You have a good relationship with money.

You don't spend wildly, but you're not opposed to treating yourself on occasion.

In general, you save some of what you earn.

You know the importance of a nest egg.

You aren't afraid of being financially literate - you embrace learning more about finances.

From a retirement plan to having an emergency fund, you know what you need to have to be safe.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most stressful, how much stress are your finances causing you right now?

Can I say 11?

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Cindy said...

Neat quiz! Cats never change.

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