Thursday, March 4

Thursday Thirteen #54: Morning Ritual on Thursdays

Thursday Thirteen

My Morning Ritual on Thursdays

1. Turn off the alarm clock (around 5:30 a.m.) and rush to the bathroom (almost at the same moment, LOL)
2. Take morning meds
3. Stumble out to the living room and gratefully accept coffee from TB
4. Remind Kristin to get up and not fall back asleep
5. Feed cats OR turn on the news
6. Sit down and pet whichever cat has jumped up
7. Read book during commercials
8. Pick up catfood bowls/make oatmeal
8. Get and distribute vitamins for TB & me
9. Say toodle-oo to daughter when it's time for her to catch the bus
10. Empty dishwasher
11. Reload what's in the sink
12. Go take a shower and/or get dressed
13. Go on the computer to read email/blog


I am Harriet said...

I'm the same way in the morning :) lol

Have a great Thursday!

Gattina said...

There is one thing I don't understand ! Why the heck do you put an alarm clock to feed the cats, drink coffee and watch TV ? Lol !

colleen said...

I have my morning ritual sized up in #1 of my Thirteen Thursday today.

Jen said...

Great TT!!! Even more weird, my dad recently passed away and the song '100 years' that you have on your blog is the song we played on his slideshow at the wake. When it came on, I really thought of it as a sign from him...and you! :) Thanks for bringing a smile on my face!!

Hazel said...

No. 4 used to be my mother's morning ritual too, especially reminding me not to fall back asleep :)

Nessa said...

Sounds close to mine except I feed the dog.

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