Friday, April 23

Feline Friday: Sedated

Now that I have my original computer back, I'm finding my "lost" pictures. These were actually taken in January, by TB, and have been waiting patiently for the computer to be back up and running.

Sumbuddy put down nip on all levels of da kitty tree!

Hay, I hear sumfing! Am I hearing fings?

I hears it too! What is that?

"Twenny twenny twenny four hours ago eye wanna be sedated..."

Eyam awweady dere!

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Cindy said...

How could you not hear that? Great tree and to have nip on it too! Paradise.

Cindy said...

Sorry about that if I posted twice! Your Dad sounded like he really loved his horse when he was young. Our daddy's were lucky to have one, I wish I could have.

Au and Target said...

Hehehe, that nip looks like fun!

Ginger said...

I love the picture of the black one with the mouth open. My dad made me a kitty condo years ago but the cats at the time wouldn't use it.

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