Thursday, April 22

GiST #119

1. Cubby accidentally got out of the house and our dog Buddy chased the poor terrified cat around the yard and up a tree! TB and I tried to coax him down but he was in shock and scared. He huddled on the branch and meowed piteously at us. TB went and got a ladder, climbed up and reached Cubby, trying to soothe him.

2. TB started to bring Cubby down as I held to the ladder. Cubby was okay for a few seconds and then began to panic, going into Tazmanian devil mode. Somehow TB managed to hang on and we got the cat back into the house. Either claws or teeth went through TB's fingers.

3. We let Buddy live.

4. I finished Blaze, blogged about it, and began reading The Circus Fire.

5. Another stupid virus got into my computer, invaded my address book and began spamming everyone. Luckily a friend told me about it so I could change all my passwords and security and I think it attacked my email account, not my actual computer. It wasn't as bad as it could have been.

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Boo-Bah said...

Thank goodness Cubby got down. Img glad he is okay. Buddy shame on you. But you were just being a dog. I think you probably are forgiven. :)

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