Wednesday, April 7

GiST #109

1. Okay, I love the sun but could do with a little less of the heat, LOL. It was nearly 90 degrees today. I had to turn on the air conditioner. We have air conditioning! That's a GiST for sure!

2. I lost track of the time again today. That means I'm happily busy. :)

3. I found several pairs of shorts at Goodwill today that fit me and who could beat the price? I spent somewhere between $10-15. "What a bargain!"

4. Discussions about Lost on and offline have been stimulating and fun!

5. My mother-in-law stopped by today and we had a nice visit. She's still experiencing problems but at least she's out of the hospital and getting around. She's having more tests on April 14 and we'll be praying for her.

6. I was very mindful of the amount of food I ate today and which choices I made as well.

7. As always, I am so grateful for the whole GiST concept and supportive community!

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