Thursday, April 8

Thursday Thirteen #59: Favorite "Old-Time" TV Shows

Thursday Thirteen

I had a little trouble thinking of a topic and then it "hit" me: what about shows now off the air, TV programs I loved as a child and young adult? I was able to come up with thirteen different shows easily. Ah, the power of television!

Thirteen Favorite TV Shows From Yester-Year

1. The Big Valley: I had a big crush on Peter Breck, who played Nick Barkley

2. The Wild Wild West: I loved all the disguises Artemus Gordon used and the villains were awesome! James West's brashness was kind of cool too.

3. Mod Squad: Kids as cops--now how cool was that?

4. Laugh-In: I didn't always understand the humor but watched it anyway. It was so different.

5. The Dean Martin Show: You wouldn't think a kid would like this show but I loved Martin's voice and his drunk "act" was funny to me. My mother was not amused.

6. Dark Shadows: Yes, I was a kid who ran home from school to watch this show in the afternoons! I loved Barnabas but he also scared me nearly to death. I was oblivious to the line flubs and other goofs during the original airing.

7. All in the Family: Outrageously funny--you couldn't begin to guess what would come out of Archie's mouth next. He was an ignorant racist bigot but somehow he was also loveable.

8. The Osmond Brothers: I loved to watch them sing and dance

9. The Carol Burnett Show: Every week she'd tug on her ear to let her grandmother know she was all right. This was one of the best variety shows I'd ever seen.

10. Hill Street Blues: A cop soap-opera? Well, it wasn't, not really. It was the first one I can remember with ongoing compelling storylines

11. St. Elsewhere: This show began to air around the same time as Hill Street and I thought it was awesome. Compelling, ongoing storylines that were also funny and sad--this time, revolving around doctors in a hospital.

12. M*A*S*H*: A classic! Who wasn't tuned in to the finale?

13. The Wonder Years: I loved it because it took place in the 1960s--my time.


I am Harriet said...

I've enjoyed many of those myself. TV has certainly changed.

Have a great day!

Gattina said...

None of these titles say anything to me, because they are translated into french and I don't know the English once. For example the CSI series are translated into "The Experts" (Les experts de New York, or Miami etc)

Grandma said...

I wasn't much of a TV watcher in my younger years, but I always enjoyed All In The Family.

My T13: The Best Beans

Cindy said...

You got me at Dark Shadows. Quentin was it!!! Of course, at the time I was 6.

Hazel said...

There's a kind of cuteness when you laugh at something and your elder is not amused :)

Americanising Desi said...

i have enjoyed many of these myself :)

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