Saturday, April 10

GiST #111

1. I got a note from my cousin in upstate New York today. She and another cousin had been copying old slide pictures onto CDs and came across some she wanted to share with me. Priceless! There are pictures of me as a baby with my parents, cousins and Grandma Molly. I'm so thrilled to have them! I will write and send a thank you note ... and ask if there are any more!

2. I had a fleeting memory of a bluebird mobile that was in one of the pictures. I still had that mobile when I was older, maybe 18 months or so. Is it possible to have a memory back that far? I also remember the crib bumpers. I remember tracing the bunnies and fawns with my fingers. Two such strong, powerful memories!

3. Today was a lovely day for a walk with Tomas and his mother. We take the shorter route to accommodate Linda's advancing pregnancy. When we got to the bridge over the stream, we helped T find stones to throw into the water. We had a great time!

4. I finally got done writing about A Fractured Mind on my reading blog.

5. Before I would eat according to the time of day, not according to whether or not I felt hungry. This week I've been following my tummy's signals although I am tending to eat at weird times now. Ha.

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