Thursday, April 15

Thursday Thirteen #60: Things I like to do on Facebook

Thursday Thirteen

I sure can waste a lot of time on Facebook!

Thirteen things I like to do on Facebook

1. Catch up with friends and family, reading their updates
2. Participate in the Cherished Memories Photo Contest
3. Play Lexulous (it's like Scrabble)
4. Play Farmville
5. IM with my granddaughter
6. IM with other friends and family
7. Look at friends' and families' pictures
8. Read posted articles
9. Play Treasure Isle (the newest game I'm hooked on)
10. Play a Mindjolt game when I'm bored
11. Upload my own pictures
12. Send gifts and birthday wishes to friends and family
13. Join silly groups as well as serious ones

Happy T-13 everyone!


CountryDew said...

I was hooked on Farmtown on Facebook last year and I had to swear off FB games so I coudl get something done. LOL. Recently I've considered giving up FB altogether but haven't so far.

I am Harriet said...

I think I've killed my Farmville crops by ignoring them for 2 weeks. Oh well.
Have a great Thursday!

wildwomanitwildwoods said...

I had to delete my games on Facebook when I realized how much time I was wasting on them.

Gattina said...

I don't like Facebook. I am member there because of my son who wanted to show me pictures of his vacation, since then I suddenly I have a queue of around 100 people whom I don't even know wanting to be my friend ! no time for that, lol !

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