Wednesday, April 14

GiST #114

I wish I could say that TB was able to fix the washer but I can't. We'll need to call in an expert.

I wish I could say we heard from the mortgage company but we didn't ...and it's been almost 3 weeks longer than we were originally told.

I wish I could say I got everything done today that I wanted to do but I can't.


1. There was another great episode of Lost on last night.

2. We decided to say to heck with money and have lunch out after Kristin's doctor's appointment. It was $30 and that's not going to make the difference on the mortgage payment anyway so ... and lunch was delicious!

3. There's always GiST, which helps me look on the bright side of the day!

4. We got some really good buys of different kinds of meat at the store today. The store sometimes run 4 for $19 sales. You get a package of meat 2-3 lbs and it averages to about $2/lb. Not bad. Today we got ground beef, ground turkey, boneless pork roasts, and whole chickens.

5. We got to sleep in a little this morning because of Kristin's appointment.

6. There's good and bad news about her knee. Back story: she fell on that knee up to 2 years ago and it's never been "right" since. It'll give out on her unpredictably. The last time it happened I figured enough was enough and made this appointment. Okay, so the good news is it might not be so bad. We'll get an MRI and X-rays to see what's up. The bad news is that there's a chance she'll need surgery to fix it.

7. The weather was gorgeous again today!

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