Friday, May 7

GiST #127

Gosh, I hate viruses! I picked one up and have been pretty miserable most of the day. I was going to post pictures for Feline Friday and kept putting it off and off. Now it's almost Caturday! I guess I'll do my GiST and look on the bright side.

1. I didn't have any doctor appointments or other commitments today so I was able to rest and stick close to the bathroom.

2. If I'm not able to go to "The Winter Tale"--the Shakespearean play Kristin's drama class is performing this weekend--this evening as planned, there's another show tomorrow and I can go to that one.

3. Today was so comfortable temperature-wise! I only had to deal with my own body's bouts with chills and heat.

4. TB happily took my place and brought Kristin to the community college so that she could choose her fall schedule. She got a good one, all her classes together!

5. All of my ACOA-related books came in to the library and now I've got lots more material to help me work the steps!

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