Monday, May 10

GiST #128 (weekend edition)

I had a pretty nice weekend all things considered and weighed out!

1. I still didn't feel well enough to go see The Winter Tale but gave my ticket to Bill so he could go and enjoy it.

2. I found out Linda and her husband Jay are moving to TN in like 10 days and stayed calm. I worked my first step which is all about powerlessness. There is nothing I can do or say to convince her otherwise although I did express my view that this isn't good for Little T and probably a really bad idea for Linda and Jay. I have learned if I do more, I'll just go mad with frustration and aggravation so this is a good thing. It's called detaching with love.

Besides, Linda moving doesn't affect how often TB and I can see Little T.

I decided to play the denial game a little and not think about how another grandchild (the baby due in July) will be out of reach for us. I won't go there. Won't won't won't.

3. I felt well enough Sunday to go with TB and Little T to the large playground that just reopened in our area. I like Ft. Medford better but this one is awesome and closer! I worked muscles I haven't gone near in years and am feeling it this morning. Pain meds are good for nanas who play like six-year-olds!

4. I totally let myself be spoiled and pampered yesterday. It felt good! I enjoyed the beautiful card and gifts from the kids and TB. What a fantastic Mother's Day!

5. TB changed the oil--desperately needed--and will work on the back brakes. This is part of our plan to get to Maryland to work with my brother to get some more stuff resolved. One day at a time!

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