Sunday, May 23

GiST #135

1. Both TB and I are having fibro days but we have nothing planned. What a relief to have a day when we can just do nothing. I had a nap and TB's about to take one.

2. It was nine years ago today that Rich died. Sometimes it seems so long ago and other times it seems more recent. Once painful memories have been replaced with softer, warmer ones. As the song goes, my heart went on to find love and happiness again with TB. Still, part of Rich lives on in me.

3. I have the big Lost finale event to look forward to watching this evening. I'm not thinking about what I'll do for my TV "fix" after this.

4. I finished Healing the Inner Child and learned so much about myself!

5. Last night, Billy and I went to see Les Misérables to celebrate his birthday (which was actually May 10) with a mother-son date. It was so good--you'd never think these were high school students!

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