Tuesday, July 20

Cats on Tuesday: Kombing Kosmo

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Kosmo sez, Uh-ohs! I hears sumkitty kumplaining bout sumfing!

Eye best hide! Here's a good place! Uh ohs! Oh, waymin, it's jus Daddy Bean!

Eye liks kombin but not da belly! Pleze not da belly!

Oh, hay, waymin, dis feels purty good! More, more!
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The Chair Speaks said...

Wow Kosmo, your fur is gleaming with those grooming. Love the way you turn your paw in the first picture. Cute!

Sammy and Andy said...

That combing has made your coat so shiny, Kosmo. What beautiful eyes you have!!!!!!!!!

Lucy the Cat said...

Awww...Kosmo, combing feels good, dosn't it? I bite the comb if it gets near my belly though. You're a cutie pie!

AL said...

Kosmo, does it tickle in the belly? Me likes your nice fur, you do a lot of grooming huh.

Au and Target said...

Anyone who touches the tummy gets the bitey - that's the rule!

Gattina said...

Belly touching or brushing is out of question here, lol ! Nobody likes it.

Ginger said...

How sweet! "Real" men love cats!

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