Saturday, July 17

GiST 150, Caturday, and Camera Critter

Grace in Small Things 150

1. A productive family therapy session.
2. Cats that want to keep me company everywhere--on my bed, my chair, my desk, my computer ...
3. Having enough coffee left over from the pot to heat up and have as a wake-me-up in the afternoon
4. Movies to watch and books to read on a hot humid day
5. Freeing my toes from shoes and socks. They wiggle in the carpet they're so happy!



Here's one of those purrrrr-fect places for Cubby to nap ... on top of the scanner. Isn't that what scanners are for, after all?

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Camera Critters

Here's Buddy in the spring, when we still had grass and it was pleasant to sit outside and enjoy the weather!


Au and Target said...

Scanners are made for kitties...

Gattina said...

Cats ALWAYS find the best places in the house !

Nancy in PA said...

Does that make it a cat-scanner? LOL

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