Friday, July 16

GiST 149

1. When you rent a free movie from the library and it's so dull you have to turn it off in the first ten minutes, you get this feeling of satisfaction that you're not out $10, plus whatever the cost for soda and popcorn.

2. Finding a book you connect with because you have so much in common with the writer. For me, it's a book about living with depression and anxiety. It's not depressing to read it. I feel better because this woman is sharing her experiences with me (the reader) and I'm able to relate to them.

3. Refrigerated left over coffee on a miserable hot muggy day.

4. I didn't have to go anywhere on this miserable hot muggy day.

5. My daughter likes watching movies with me!

1 comment:

Au and Target said...

I wish we had video libraries here. I used to love them!

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