Saturday, August 28

Caturday & Other Saturday Stuff

Here's Amber in the middle of some mid-afternoon ablutions.  She cooperated long enough to let me take a couple of pictures before turning her back on me!

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What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? I would write my novel! One reason I procrastinate so much is because I have a “thing” about failing—that no one will like my story or that no one will publish it. If I knew I wouldn’t fail, it would be so much easier to sit down and let my creative juices flow.
Do you feel you’re too old to pursue your dreams? Absolutely not! As long as I’m alive, I can pursue my dreams. When I give up on my dreams, I’ve given up on living!

List 50 things You’ll Never Do

Some of these--like smoke--are things I'll never do again.

1. Commit a murder
2. Burglarize a house
3. Sell drugs
4. Use illegal drugs
5. Steal a car
6. Shoplift
7. Drink (quit drinking in 1986)
8. Smoke (quit smoking in 1986)
9. Sky dive
10. Parachute from a plane
11. Ski
12. Water ski
13. Ice skate
14. Roller skate
15. Trampoline
16. High dive
17. Try a court case
18. Work as a physical therapist
19. Fly to the moon
20. Have an affair
21. Work as a speech pathologist
22. Work as a police officer
23. Fly an airplane
24. Drive a boat
25. Build a house myself
26. Design clothes
27. Model
28. Adopt more than six cats at a time
29. Drive a motorcycle
30. Eat liver
31. Eat octopus or other sushi
32. Dye my hair pink, purple or blue
33. Grow my hair below my shoulders
34. Wear skinny jeans
35. Wear spike high heels
36. Wear any kind of high of more than an inch
37. Wear contacts
38. Get a tongue or lip piercing
39. Buy a purebred dog
40. Fly outside the U.S. (and possibly not even IN the U.S.!)
41. Become a doctor
42. Become a nurse
43. Live in the arctic
44. Live in the tropics
45. Become a billionaire
46. Become a television star
47. Get elected to office
48. Swim with sharks
49. Deep sea dive
50. Eat snails

Saturday Six

1. How old were you when you first started thinking seriously about what you wanted to do as a career? Seven. I seriously wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

2. How old were you when you built your first long-term friendship (even if the friendship is currently no longer intact)? I was probably about the same age. We moved when I was ten, though, and I've never seen those friends again.

3. Of the people you consider friends, how long is your longest-lasting friendship? Now? Twelve years, at least.

4. When is the last time you spoke to this person either by phone, email or online? a couple of weeks

5. Take the quiz: What stage of development are you in?

You Are In Stage VI

You may not be in your 20s, but you are in the early adult development stage.

You're trying to figure out the relationships in your life - including romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships.

You crave intimacy, but you also want to maintain your independence. It may be hard to keep certain relationships alive.

You'd like to have a tight circle of friends, but you're finding that as you get older, that's getting more difficult.

6. The last question in the quiz asked which trait described you when you’re at your best. Which trait would you describes you at your worst? I would say lazy or--a nicer way of putting it--unproductive.

My room reminds me of myself because it’s messy, filled with pictures, stuffed animals and books, and my writing. I’m not exactly disorganized although you might think so to look at my desk. I know where things are or where they’re supposed to be … I just can’t always see them! I love family pictures and have many framed photos around my room. I also have hundreds of unframed, loose photographs that need to be scanned. I love and collect stuffed animals and books, and they are everywhere. My writing is saved in various places, on my hard drive and on disks. My room reminds me of myself because it’s filled with everything I love or enjoy.


becomingkate said...

At my best I am trying to help someone their goals, at my worst I'm spiteful. Much less spiteful as I get older, thank goodness!

The Chair Speaks said...

Amber is beautiful.

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