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Fleas, hurricanes & other stuff

We had a sand flea infestation! The cats are all indoor kitties but the poor things were also invaded because those horrible critters kept jumping on the dog when he'd go out to do his business. Well, he's become an "indoor" dog now, going out only when he must go. He's never liked being outdoors anyway so he's happy with that.

TB ordered a whole bunch of products so we could treat the house, the yard and the pets. What an ordeal. First we had trouble getting the stuff delivered. We'd expected it by a certain day and had prepped the house. It was a major undertaking and a lot of work. Everyone had to cooperate and get their acts together. They did and we got the house prepared ... and the stuff didn't come. TB had to go through a bunch of rigamorole but finally got the company to ship it out overnight.

Once the stuff came, TB took over the downstairs and Bill did the upstairs. There was a spray to treat our backyard. TB and I worked together bathing the entire gang--and they were NOT happy! It crossed my mind to take pictures of them but then I decided I loved them too much to subject them to that indignity so I didn't take a single snapshot. It would have been priceless--the looks on their faces alone!

Now we're praying all that effort will pay off and we'll get rid of those nasty fleas. Some areas have to be treated every 2 weeks. Whew!

Camera Critters
Buddy's a very handsome dog but he sure doesn't want to cooperate for the camera! I think I've gotten three or four "perfect" pictures in the seven years we've had him--and this one isn't one of them!

The news programs I watch have been full of stories about Hurricane Katrina. Five years ago, that hurricane came through and devastated New Orleans. I wasn’t there but I watched the coverage and was very moved by it. I’ve been very fortunate in my life in that I haven’t experienced a storm as destructive as Katrina was.

I do remember a couple of hurricanes and a tropical storm though. When I was small—younger than five—we lived in a cottage on Long Island. There was a hurricane and I remember looking out the window with my younger brother. The wind was blowing so hard, it was whipping sand around and everything looked brown to me. My mom pulled us away from the window and told us it wasn’t safe. Mom had a thing about windows and hurricanes. She was sleeping during one of them and was awakened by the cat, who insistently kept jumping on her. My mother got up and a tree came through the window. Mom thinks the cat knew what was going to happen and save her. Well, it could be.

When I was a high school senior in 1973, we had tropical storm Agnes. At that time, my family was living in southwest Baltimore. Although we didn’t have the killer winds, the rain did a big number on the city and surrounding areas. My school was located near a dam and was closed because officials were afraid it would burst under the pressure of all the rain water.

We got a LOT of rain. Our townhouse was on higher ground so our street and our basement didn’t flood. Just a few blocks away, though, you could row a boat down the street. Towns along the Patapsco River—like Ellicott City—were just about under water. It took years for those places to recover from the flood. Places in Patapsco State Park like the swinging bridge was just washed away.

In 1985, I was living on Long Island again and was engaged to Rich. Hurricane Gloria was going to make a direct hit on Long Island and officials were evacuating people “south of Montauk”. I was just north of Montauk but Rich wanted me to board up my apartment and ride out the storm at his house with his family.

What I remember most about that storm was the roaring of the wind and the huge tree in the front yard. It was just a Category 2 storm (I think) but it was strong enough to rip the tree up by its roots and nearly knock it over. My heart was in my mouth watching the tree leaning far over with the roots nearly completely torn from the ground! During the eye of the storm, Rich, his father and brother ran out and began to push the tree, trying to topple it to the least harmful place. Neighbors saw what they were doing and poured out of their houses to help. The winds had begun to pick up and whip around the other way when they were finally able to get the tree down.

That storm caused the loss of so many trees! The power was out, of course, and Rich and I went around different neighborhoods looking at the destruction. We passed the house where my grandma had lived during my grown up years. I nearly cried. All the trees were down, including the ones where we’d swung on the hammock.

We were lucky that the storm had weakened so much and we were lucky it hit during low tide. Rich and I beat it down to Maryland for a week—we were planning to move there after we married—to get away from the discomfort of being without power. Other states sent utility workers to help LILCO get the power back on but it still took a week. When we got back, I had to throw out all the food in my refrigerator. That was some storm.

I know we’ve had other weakened hurricanes and tropical storms but I just don’t remember any of them anymore.

You're invited to a friend's house for an important holiday dinner. You find a roach in your food. What do you say? Oh, ewwww! Hopefully I haven't bitten into it. When I was fifteen, my best friend bought a sweet roll, bit into it and found half a roach! She was promptly sick. Anyway, with this situation, I would find my friend and tell him or her right away. If I'm at the dinner table when this happens, I would take my friend away and tell him or her in private. Then I wouldn't eat another bite at this dinner, I'm sure!

1. Are you happier now than you were five months ago? No, I'm probably about the same. The last 18 months have been very very rough.

2. Have you ever slept in the same bed with anyone that you shouldn't have? Nope

3. Can you sleep in total darkness? Yes, I prefer it to be totally dark

4. Your phone is ringing. It’s the person you fell hardest for, the one who got away, what do you say? "Hey, how are you doing?" I'm happy and in love now so I would just make it a superficial conversation.

5. What do you think about the weather this summer? Ugh! Too many heat waves!

6. How many people do you trust with everything? One

7. What was the last thing you drank? Lemon tea protein

8. Is there anyone you want to come see you? Well, let me clean my house first. Yes.

9. Name one thing you love about winter? Christmas!

10. Have you ever dated a Goth? Nope

11. What are you looking forward to tomorrow? Not having to go anywhere unless I want to

12. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having? Boredom--there's nothing to do and it's too hot to go anywhere!

13. What's the longest that you have committed to one person and one person only? TB and I have been committed to each other for nine years now. Before that, I was committed to Rich for 17 years before he died.

14. What’s the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today? Sat up and took my morning meds.

15. Has anyone ever told you they never want to ever lose you? Yes

16. Is there anybody that you wish you could fix your relationship with? Yes, lots of people from my mother down to friends I used to have

17. Could you go out in public, looking like you do now? Sure

18. Do you think things will change in the next 3 months? How? Yes, I'll be taking college classes

19. Do you believe that you never know what you got until you lose it? Absolutely--that's what happened when I lost Rich.

20. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? Yes, my best friend, TB

21. If you were to live your life without your best friend, what would change? I don't even want to think about that. See #19. My whole world would be turned upside down and my heart ripped out.

22. Tell us about a era of your life that you really miss. I miss the years I lived with my cousin and then on my own on Long Island

23. Have you ever been betrayed by someone that came as a complete surprise? Without revealing the person, if yes, tell us about it. No

24. Do you ever think that is a good idea to hide your feelings? I think it depends on the feelings and on the situation. Normally, I'd say no but there may be mitigating circumstances where telling what you feel might harm another or cause a lot of trouble.

25. Tell us about your favorite year when you were a student. When I was a senior in high school, the pressure was off. In those days, colleges didn't look at what classes you took senior year so my schedule was filled with fun things. Seniors had a lot of power and respect. It was just a very good year.

25. When was the last time you were in a very good mood? What caused it? The last I can remember was at my mother-in-law's birthday party last week. I just enjoyed being around family.

26. Have you ever had a romantic relationship with a sibling of a good friend? Nope

27. Tell us about the last thing that you did that you truly regret.
I regret getting the entire Lost series because we really couldn't afford it!

28. When did you laughed today? I laughed at the way TB staggered backwards (like he was going to faint) after I kissed him

29. Do you trust easily? It depends on who it is

30. What do you care about that you wish more people would? Decent health care for everyone

31. Is it easier for you to go without food or go without sleep? Well...I'm not sure!

32. What non-alcohol beverage do you enjoy drinking the most? Coffee

33. When you walk into a room full of strangers, generally how is your confidence? I can put on a good act. I act as if I'm together but in reality, I'm having major panic attacks!

34. Does talking about sex with anyone but your lover make you uncomfortable? It depends on who I'm talking to

35. Do you tend to believe members of the opposite sex mostly behave the same way? In very general ways--i.e. guys won't ask for directions.

36. Did you drink any alcohol this week? If yes, what? No, I don't drink alcohol anymore

37. Would you ever consider being a vegetarian? No, I love meat too much!

38. Do you believe that there’s always room in your heart for someone? Yes

39. Do you believe in the concept of soul mates? Yes

40. Last week, we had a few players criticize our victim’s questions. Which is fine to do and we value your opinion. Would you ever consider writing questions for Bud and me to post on a Sunday Stealing? No, don't have the motivation!


Gattina said...

OMG, sand fleas ! what a plague !

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that's aweful... fleas are horrible critters - as are ticks!

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