Sunday, August 1

GiST 154 & Sunday Stuff

Grace in Small Things #154

1. Fresh cabbages from Angel Food Ministries + corned beef roast still in the freezer = corned beef & cabbage dinner a la St. Patrick's Day! I love corned beef and cabbage!

2. The windows are closed again. Thank God for air conditioning!

3. TB's starting to get commissions for signs. Hopefully he'll get more and more so that he can make his hobby become a business venture!

4. My cousin made a CD for me with some family pictures she's scanned. I've been enjoying looking at those pictures!

5. I feel good when some little thing I do makes someone else's day. I loaned my set of The Sims games to Heidi so she could upload them to her new laptop.

This is me! When I saw this picture, I had a clear memory of that bird mobile. I don't remember how old I was in the memory. I just remember reaching up to play with the birds. It seems I was at least old enough to be able to pull myself to a standing position in the crib.

Were my parents ever really this young? I have a couple of pictures of them now at this age, thanks to my cousin!

This is my Grandma Molly. I don't remember her as clearly as I do my Grandma Edith. Still, I remember stories that she played the accordion. I didn't remember whether I'd ever heard her play or if I just imagined it. I found this picture on the CD and was totally delighted!

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The Chair Speaks said...

Such a cutie!

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