Tuesday, August 3

GiST 156

1. Kristin got a good report from the knee doctor today. She's healing very nicely and will be starting physical therapy tomorrow. She and Heidi just went off to see Inception.

2. Kristin made me an adorable little stuffed cat to cheer me up (I've been depressed I guess) and now I'm thinking up a good name for her. She's my favorite color--purple and had like a blue tie-dye design on her! Periwinkle maybe although that's the name of the cat on Blue's Clues

3. I saw my DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) Counselor, Leslie, today and we just tied up a few loose ends and caught up on what I'm going to be doing this next year -- finishing my degree in education.

4. I'm taking Creative Writing too, hoping to kick start myself back into writing again

5. A refreshing nap this afternoon. Since I had to drastically change some of my meds because of the damned Medicare "donut hole", I haven't been feeling up to par. My thyroid might be off kilter again because of the lithium. Anyway, I left a message for my doctor to check into that. Meanwhile, it really helped to have this nap.

6. Another blessing in the guise of an elderly woman wanting to do good: TB put on Freecycle that he was looking for a lathe and she happened to have a multi-purpose lathe/saw/other stuff. Her husband had passed away and no one else in the family had any use for the machinery ... so she gave it to TB!

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