Wednesday, August 4

Wordless Wednesday: Cheering up a sad mom & GiST 157

Grace In Small Things #157

1. If he'd lived, my first husband Rich would have been 50 today. Obviously, I'm thinking about him today. I cherish the memories.

2. My new little Puddy Tat is sitting on my printer keeping me company. She needs her button eyes hot-glued on.

3. It was nice to be able to accommodate my grumpy intestines and bail out of the orthopedic doctor appointment this morning. My back and ankle are better so I could afford to skip a visit. I don't need any medication yet.

4. I enjoyed relaxing and watching a movie with TB while the girls were out. Even though we weren't talking, it was nice to sit down and spend time together!

5. Toaster strudel pastries were on sale and what a nice little treat to have with coffee and eggs this week!


Irishcoda said...

This comment is for the Wordless Wednesday photo. I was feeling blue and my younger daughter decided to cheer me up by making this adorable little stuffed cat for me.

colleen said...

My two year old grandson would say: Got no face.

The Chair Speaks said...

Your new little Puddy Tat is cute!
Checked out your WLS pictures. You look fabulous now!

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