Saturday, August 7

GiST 159 & Saturday Stuff

Grace in Small Things 159

1. There was a refreshing breeze when we walked at the Cape May Zoo. It definitely made for a more comfortable afternoon!

2. Everyone had such a nice time at the zoo, even if most of the animals wanted to hide or sleep. Little T especially enjoyed the giraffes and zebras. TB took picture after picture and hopefully I'll get to share them soon.

3. We got a really cool picture of Little T with his dad going on a roller coaster ride at Hershey Park. The look on the little guy's face is just priceless!

4. We had enough "found" money left over to order dinner from the local pizzeria. Hooray, a break from cooking yesterday...especially after a long and exciting trip to the zoo!

5. Today I'm giving my body permission to crash. I was going to fight against it but realize that would be an exercise in futility! :D Nap, here I come!

Camera Critters

We've been teaching Buddy to wait patiently for his treat and then toss it up in the air and catch it!

Saturday Six

1. You’re asked to bake cookies at home for a special gathering: which flavor of cookies are you most likely to choose to make? I used to make a seven layer cookie that is very decadent and would probably would to make it again!

2. You’re asked to bring store-bought cookies for the event instead: which brand/flavor of cookies are you most likely to buy? Probably Mrs. Fields' chocolate chips

3. Are you more likely to bake or buy a variety that you personally like best, or one that you think most everyone else will like more than you do? I tend to like the flavors other people like so I guess this would be a combination of the two!

4. A Girl Scout comes to your door with her cookie brochure, but you can only afford a single box: which flavor will you buy? The mint chocolate

5. Take the quiz: How Does Your Cookie Crumble?

You Are Solid

You are laid back and easygoing. You don't like to make too big of a fuss.

Like everyone else, you have your tastes and preferences... you're just more flexible than most people.

You are good at compromising, and you get along with all sorts of folks. You are a natural diplomat.

You try to make things as easy on others as possible. You know that life can be a drag, so why make it worse for someone else?

6. What’s your preferred way of eating an Oreo: all at once, or by separating the two outer wafers and eating the filling first? I have to have a glass of milk so I can dip the cookie as I eat it. I leave it whole.


Indrani said...

How well he poses. Great shot.

Shey said...

What a neat trick and Buddy posed for you too. Very cute. :)

Happy weekend!

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