Monday, August 9

Gist 161, ManCat Monday & Passing on Advice

Grace in Small Things #161

1. A good therapy session

2. Going shopping with the youngest to pick up something she needs for her new computer, a scanner/printer.

3. Spending time with the youngest, a really good kid who plays the "peace maker" role in our family

4. Having enough coffee left over in the pot to make a cup for the afternoon

5. Raspberry iced tea (from Taco Bell) to mix with my protein powder--a nice different flavor for me today!

ManCat Monday: Mouse

You ever have those "feelings" that you're being watched? I was in the living room one day and got a bit of the heebie jeebies with that feeling. Yet, no one was around ... or so I thought! I happened to look up right into Mousie's eyes!

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If you could pass on a piece of advice that meant a lot to you when you received it, what would it be?

At Rich's funeral service, Oma reached over and took my hand, squeezed it and whispered to me, "This, too, shall pass."

It's true--for both the bad and the good things in life.

Things may seem very bleak and believe me, they have around here in recent months, but I take comfort in knowing that it won't always be like that. That's just how life is. Things will pick up and get better.

When things go well, I don't take it for granted because those times don't last either. There's always a plateau--at best--and, at worst, a dip in fortune.

One gives way to the other and then back again. That's the hope of it, I guess--if things are bad, they'll get better eventually. If things are good, enjoy it while it lasts!


Cindy said...

I hate feeling like someone is watching me. But cats do it to us. Good graces and lists.

The Chair Speaks said...

Mousie's got beautiful eyes!

Nessa said...

That picture is so spooky. Great!

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