Tuesday, August 10

GiST 162 & Tuesday Stuff

Grace in Small Things #162

1. TB and I went for a walk this morning. We need to start exercising again and we figured we'd walk a bit in the neighborhood in the early morning hours, before the sun and humidity gets too hot and high.

2. Walking should help reduce the stress and depression I've been feeling lately. I felt better already after we went up and down a couple of streets this morning.

3. Kristin and I attended college orientation together. We didn't learn a whole lot but it was fun! Seriously, the bottom line seemed to be: junior college isn't grade 13. Attend all classes. Do your homework. Ask the teachers for help. No one's going to keep after you to come to class or do your assignments. Yadda yadda. Still, the instructors were entertaining!

4. I started on a new counted cross stitch project today. It's a kitty hanging from a branch with the line: "Hang in there!" It "spoke" to me on so many levels!

5. TB made a fresh pot of coffee for us. I do love my coffee!

When I was on the Obesity Help forum, someone posted a link to this quiz--Which Animal Are You? I was very surprised to see that I'm a penguin but when I read the whole description, I felt I had to agree. Besides, I'm in good company!

The Animal In You - You're a Penguin!

Thanks for taking the Animal In You personality test! We've determined that your personality best matches the Penguin Click here to take the test and find out more about over forty other animal types!

Today's prompt:

If I could live in any era of history, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why

I would choose the 1960s again. Why?

1. I lived through them once; they wouldn't be so foreign to me
2. I really liked the music a lot
3. I liked the fervor young people had--their belief in their ability to bring about change through (peaceful?) protest
4. If I could be older, I might like to experience Woodstock
5. I'd like to hang out with hippies and try a commune. I wouldn't want the drugs though, nope. Too much scary stuff there!
6. I would put more effort into my writing and not throw it away so easily as I did
7. The times were amazingly fascinating--so many changes in just a generation!
8. The fashions were kind of cool too
9. It'd be nice to experience some easier financial times for a change. The '60s were kind to us.
10. I wouldn't mind reliving the excitement of the space age and exploration, culminating with Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon!

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The Chair Speaks said...

Walking is good exercise!

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