Monday, August 30

Mancat Monday and other meanderings

Mousie sez, "Mommy Bean's takin my pikshur with dat flashy ting just becuz it's Monday and awl she's got is woman cat pikshurs right now! Tanks a lot!"

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"The thing that I regret most about my life is..." all the opportunities I wasted or didn’t take advantage of. The first one I can think of is not going to college right out of high school. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t qualify for student aid and my parents didn’t have the money to support me going to school. I decided to work for a year to save the money and pay for the tuition myself. One year stretched into two and it looked like I’d never go back.

There was a minister at the Deaf church that took a liking to me. He and his family convinced me that I should go to school and should live away from home to do it. They offered their home temporarily and off I went to school. I liked it but had a particularly difficult schedule. In the middle of this, there was a crisis of faith because it turns out that the minister was a sociopathic type that manipulated people and circumstances to his advantage. What I should have done was gotten out of there and moved some place on my own. Instead, disillusioned, I just stopped attending classes and dropped out. I went back to work.

Over the years, I went back and took classes here and there to try and get a degree. I stopped trying about 10 years ago because I was tripped up and stuck over trying to pass geometry ... and I have a feeling there was other stuff going on. I think I was afraid to succeed, to actually get the degree and change. It was a waste.

Another opportunity I wasted (and still do) is writing my book. I make excuses and procrastinate. Over the years, I could have written ten books with the ideas I’ve had.

It’s not good to dwell on the regrets though. That just sets me up to become depressed. Instead, I’ll focus on the prompt from yesterday about whether I think I’m too old to follow my dream. No! I’m not too old. I can get my degree now and I can still write those stories and try to get them published!

10 things I've always wanted to do that I haven't done (yet)

1. Get a novel published
2. Visit Hawaii
3. Visit Ireland and spend a few weeks or months there
4. Live at the beach
5. Travel around the country in an RV
6. Visit national parks in other states, like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon
7. Have an in-ground swimming pool
8. Sail a boat
9. Go on a cruise
10. Get my degree


Boo-Bah said...

Very cute picture.
I would like to think that it's never to late to follow our dreams. I suppose that's not too realistic. At my age sometimes it's enough just to have a dream.

The Chair Speaks said...

Think Mouse is sleepy!
Agree with Boo-Bah, it's never to late to follow our dreams.

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