Monday, August 16

Mancat Monday: Shop Cat III & Other Monday Stuff

Mancat Monday: Shop Cat III

Cubby sez, I'm not picky about where I sits, just gotta havva soft seat!

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These are before pictures of TB and me, obviously! These pictures of us two coffee addicts was taken in 2007, during our vacation to Mystic Seaport. We're half the sizes now we were then but we're still drinking the same amount of coffee!

Chocolate makes me...

...sick. I hate to say that but it's true!

I used to be a real choco-holic. I loved all kinds of chocolate--in candies, cakes, pies, and donuts. The only kind I wouldn't devour was baker's chocolate!

When I was younger, being a choco-holic caused all kinds of health problems for me. First of all, I gained a lot of weight--not just from chocolate but it sure didn't help! Eventually I developed diabetes and you'd think that would cure me of my addiction but it didn't. I just convinced myself that if I didn't eat as much it wouldn't hurt. Right. A little bit every day adds up!

Since my weight loss surgery, though, my taste buds and tolerances have changed in many ways. One has to do with chocolate, sad to say. I sort of miss my addiction. At first, I still had an appetite for it. I would eat it ... and it would make me sick. I'd end up in the bathroom for an hour or two at a time. That's really unpleasant!

I guess I built an aversion to it because of that. Now, if I see or smell chocolate, my stomach begins to get knots in it. In one way, this is a very good thing. I could never do chocolate in moderation so it's better if I treat it like it's alcohol and not have any.

In another way, I could sure use the chocolate. I'm losing weight too fast, the surgeon says. He wants me to take an enzyme that I can't afford so I'll absorb more. I thought, well, I actually could eat more bulking-up kinds of foods too. I hadn't been doing that up to now. Chocolate would have been a good one for that but ...

I'm better off, I know!


AFSS said...

Happy Mancat Monday.

Cindy said...

Cubby looks great in his workshop! Loosing weight too fast? Sounds like a good problem to have, but I know it is dangerous. You'll regulate sometime.

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