Sunday, August 15

Sunday Stuff

What is changing in your life right now?

One thing that is changing right now is that I'm about to become a college student again. I just ordered three books for three of the classes I'm taking. This is going to be an exciting and scary change. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to the challenge of taking classes again after so many years. I am looking forward to finishing my degree and the feeling of accomplishment (and not perpetual procrastination) I will have for it. On the other, I worry about my fibromyalgia and other disabilities getting in the way of my success.

Today is “National Relaxation Day.” Describe one way you like to have fun and relax.

Oh boy! This would be my ideal day at the beach: go out to the seaside as the sun is coming up and sit on the beach to watch the colors fill the sky. Around nine or ten, put on the bathing suit and hang out on the beach with a book, sunning and reading. I would take frequent swimming breaks because I can only stand so much sun at one time! When the sun's rays become too intense, it's time to cover up, put on a hat, and go for a stroll on the boardwalk. There's so much to do there--shopping, playing games, and people watching. After I've had my fill of that, it's time to go home and nap! Now that's how I like to have fun and relax. Other plans: I also like to go to the zoo, to the park, and sightseeing for fun and relaxation. Now I need to find some free stuff to do!

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Rhythm ::Method
2. Baby ::Infant
3. Sanctimonious ::holier than tho
4. I like ::fall
5. Constipated ::can't go
6. Sleep late ::wish I could
7. Over easy ::eggs
8. Erratic ::unsteady
9. Umbrella ::rain
10. You don’t ::get it

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