Wednesday, August 25

Wordless Wednesday & Other Stuff

Wordless Wednesday

Other Stuff

The National Park Service was formed today in 1916!

We have a national park just down the road from us (east and west), the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. The forest almost surrounds us and TB, Little T and I have walked through it on our spring excursions.

Whitesbog Village is part of the park. Elizabeth White developed a high bush blueberry used commercially and the village grew up in the 1870s, a company town. Sometime in the twentieth century, though, the town went bust and was abandoned. It became a ghost town. It's being restored, though, and people can tour the village. There's a blueberry festival there every year. I've been there, was fascinated, and want to go back.

The forest is huge and has about 25 miles of trails that TB and I can explore once we've finished tramping all through Smithville Park.

If I were an animal I would be a ... cat--of course! I'm basically a lazy person and like to bask in the sun. I enjoy napping. I like being pampered and petted and cared for. I'm very curious so I'll stop basking or napping to learn about something new. Sometimes I'm playful. I think I'd make a pretty purrrfect house cat!

Do you get upset when people don't do what you tell them to? Why? I wouldn't say I get upset but I can get annoyed. It depends on who it is and what the situation is. When I read the question at first, I interpreted it to mean do I get upset when people don't take my advice. I become annoyed if they ask for my advice and then don't take it. What did they ask me for then? And why burden me with stuff if they're not going to take the benefit of my experience and/or wisdom?

Reading the question again, yes, I would be upset if I told someone to do something and then they didn't. I'm assuming these someones would either be children or employees--I don't go around telling other adults what to do. Anyway, in the case of the child or employee, if they don't do what I say then there's a problem--a lack of respect or recognition of authority. I might have had something to do with that--there's some reason this person doesn't feel the need to comply! It's a problem that would have to be addressed for sure!

10 Things I Do When I Procrastinate

1. Surf the internet
2. Mess around on Facebook longer than necessary
3. Check the Obesity Help forum more often than necessary
4. Check my email frequently
5. Play a computer game
6. Check the TV listings
7. Nap
8. Get busy with other little piddly things to avoid doing what I'm supposed to be doing
9. Watch TV, especially the news
10. Play with the cats


AFSS said...

Beautiful kitty.

Cindy said...

Excellent post. Comfy kitty!

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