Thursday, September 16

GiST 166

Boy, I haven't done one of these in ages!

1. GPS in phones! This morning we had to go to PA because TB needed a shot in his hip to relieve the extreme pain he's been in from that area. We'd printed out directions from google maps but, for the first time, they were flat out wrong and we got lost. TB drove and drove, cursing the doctor and his stupid new location for shots. Finally he used his phone GPS to plug in our current location and was able to navigate us successfully to the surgery center! Going home was another nightmare as we had no idea where we were but eventually found our way back to NJ because TB used the GPS in his phone.

2. I went with TB in this early morning adventure and it was good because he couldn't drive home.

3. Super Wawas along the way. They have hot cawfee and rest rooms!

4. The clinic has a bariatric center so the chairs were larger sized. Don't you hate waiting rooms with skinny little seats all squooshed together?

5. Easy access to my son when I have a question about science. The teacher's been hitting chemistry hard and it's all so confusing. I haven't had chemistry in years and hardly remember any of this stuff. The instructor charges on a mile a minute. Even the other students are confused. Luckily, though, I can ask my son a question and get him to explain concepts to me practically around the clock!


Cindy said...

Good ones.

Gattina said...

What you have a GPS and don't use it ? I couldn't live without it ! I was never able to read a map and always got lost. Now I go everywhere, follow the instructions and when I want to go home I push on the button "go home" !
Now I love to drive everywhere because I know that I will never be wrong !

Gattina said...

What happens to you ? It's such a long time you haven't blogged !

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