Sunday, September 19


1. Some greeting cards with a flair for wording. Today is daughter Heidi's birthday and I looked for a card with a special message. I found one that said what I truly think and feel and was very happy with it.

2. AAA. What a blessing they are! AAA is something I rarely think about (thank goodness!) but when you need them, they're there in a reasonable amount of time. Today our tire blew out. TB was in no shape to be changing a tire and we've been members of AAA for years now. Someone came right out and changed our flat so we could get back on our way. It costs us dearly but it's definitely worth it!

3. Eighty degrees in September doesn't feel like 80 in August. There's been wondering cool breezes to make the heat bearable. The air's been off for over a week now.

4. Wawa coffee! It's rejuvenating when I'm droopy.

5. I did well on my first two quizzes. That's encouraging but the real litmus is the upcoming tests!

6. We saw and played with Little T for the first time since before I started school. We'd been missing him and it's always a joy to be around him!

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becomingkate said...

I am so hooked on coffee!!

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