Monday, January 3

Happy New Year From the Gang

Thanks so much for all the New Year's wishes! I wasn't able to upload pictures of the gang when I posted because my camera was acting wonky. Today it was working!

Amber sez, I wuz waiting for you, Mommy-Bean, so's I could wish effuryone a happy new year!

Indigo sez, I turned the music up louder so we could sell-a-brate! Effuryone likes "Cats" right?

Munchkin sez, Puh-leeze! I'm just recovering from the first sell-a-bration!

Mouse sez, Me too, but happy new year anyway!


Cubby sez, Um, hai, looks like Mommy found my hidey place under hers desk! Happy New Year to effuryone!

Now that it's so cold, the cats have been snuggly with us and with each other. Kitties that wouldn't tolerate being in the same room with each other (Indigo, Munchkin) now share the same bed. I'd like to think it's the Christmas spirit lingering on but I have a feeling it's got more to do with warmth than anything else!

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The Chair Speaks said...

Lovely cat poses! Happy New Year to you too!

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